Dwelling With God E-News Columns

“Blessed are you” moments are opportunities when you name what you see God gifting and doing in the life of another.

Praying “Come, Holy Spirit” expresses a level of humility that trusts the Holy Spirit to guide, reveal, and form my life and the lives of others.

I pray I might so receive the good news of Christ’s reign that I might live a barefooted life.

When we read scripture with the assumption we already know all that it has to teach us, our curiosity dies.

We remain the primary vehicle God uses to share Christ and the hope of salvation, both with our neighbors and the young ones in our care.

Our table time established relationships in a deeper way.

There are lessons we all seem to need to learn repeatedly, regardless of how obvious they may be.

In a deeper sense, we must review if our claims of being disciples of Jesus Christ are truly the center focus of our words and actions.

The true expression of sorrow is both a speaking of hard truth and a willingness to live out that sorrow with a commitment to change.