Dwelling With God E-News Columns

We are bound together in a living hope, receiving and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ which we know only in part.

At its heart, Lent is a journey to wholeness, and an opportunity to receive anew God’s redeeming work.

God’s hesed… expresses the persistent and unconditional tenderness of God, whose face is always turned towards us.

The prayers of scripture and the promises of God are for a gathered people and cannot be fully realized in isolation.

Jesus seems to turn His face toward you and me to ask: “Do you see anything?”

The gospel must continue to form us and re-form us.

We, too, are called into graveyards to roll away stones.

Maybe I can take myself less seriously and live with more abandon, coming to God like a child running to the waves on a beach.

I am thankful for a God who leads us, keeps us, and helps us navigate next steps, especially when the journey takes us into the night.