Ministers Match Resources

Starting January 1, 2024, Nazarene Benefits USA will begin to offer an expanded benefit of up to $2,500 annually to the 403(b) accounts of eligible ministers. It’s called the NBUSA Match. The resources on this page provide more information on how Nazarene ministers can receive this significant benefit, which replaces the old APS program.

The Ministers Match: Your NBUSA 403(b) Benefits
This brief video highlights the enhanced 403(b) matching benefit for Nazarene ministers.

Change Is Good…and it’s Coming to Your 403(b) Plan!
This article by NBUSA Executive Director Kevin P. Gilmore introduces the new NBUSA Match, which replaces the old APS system in 2024.

Preparing for an Adequate Retirement
This article by Kevin P. Gilmore on how the NBUSA Match, with local effort contributions, Social Security, and personal savings, can help to create an adequate retirement for ministers.

Minister Benefits and The Path to Retire Well – June 7, 2024 recording
Minister Benefits and The Path to Retire Well – presentation slides

NBUSA-Provided Insurance and Retirement Benefits

Starting Your 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan with NBUSA
Are you ready to get started? Use this flowchart to determine next steps to start saving for your retirement.

NBUSA Match Overview - This is a detailed overview of the NBUSA Match plan, which begins in 2024.
Local Church Ministers
District Ministers

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