Pressing On E-News Columns

Pastoral ministry that is practiced in the name of Jesus is about being with and living deeply where people are.

You might say, my church is making a turn—a sharp one. In fact, it’s the sharpest turn we have ever taken.

Connectionalism is the unseen stuff between us that cannot be neatly defined or understood, but can be felt.

When consumerism seeps into religious life, the church becomes a vendor of goods and services, clergy become shopkeepers, and congregants (or potential ones) become patrons with purchasing power.

Funerals are ripe occasions for preaching Good News.

Simply put, Jesus meets His people with His grace at His table.

God’s call, and nothing else, was keeping us in ministry.

In my church I can see a difference in the spiritual growth of those who serve and those who do not.

Some church people are understandably change-resistant because they have been overwhelmed by a history of it.

The Body of Christ should be a non-anxious presence in an age of anxiety.