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The term “general superintendent” began cropping up in Methodist publications as a synonym for bishop by the mid-nineteenth century.

Apologies defending her right to preach became an early staple of the female preacher's repertoire.

Chapman’s leadership style was grounded in his efforts for self-improvement.

“My calling is to preach and teach the Word to those who need it, and to live among the people, thus in a measure entering into their thought and sympathizing with them in their poverty.”

On Charles Johnson’s first day in Meridian, a minor traffic infraction led a police officer to hold a loaded pistol to his head.

He helped the church develop global strategy for missions leading to internationalization...

Brown was deeply invested in social ministries.

The advent of the television age was revolutionizing communications.

Bresee challenged the race line and the gender line by bringing Amanda Smith to preach to his congregation.

They [elders] are not ordained “a minister in the Church of the Nazarene” but “a minister in the Church of God.”