Life Events Make Purchasing Life Insurance Easier

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2023 news 3Eligible ministers and other church employees may purchase up to a half million dollars in Nazarene Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance for as little as $360 annually. That’s the rate for a participant between the age of 30 and 34, but other good rates are available, although they increase with age. Many Nazarene church employees take advantage of supplemental group term life insurance from The Hartford through Pensions and Benefits USA. Some hesitate to get coverage, however, because of the hassle of having to undergo a medical examination to qualify.

The good news is that a 90-day “open enrollment” period occurs when active, district-licensed or ordained, full-time, full-livelihood Nazarene ministers or lay church employees experience a life event. This means they may apply for insurance without the normal evidence of good health, if done so within 90 days of the life event. Life events include: marriage, birth or adoption of a child, receipt of first district minister’s license, ordination, or first full-time/full-livelihood employment by a qualified employer.

Active Nazarene ministers whose churches contribute to the P&B Fund are already eligible for a complimentary survivor benefit, the amount of which varies with age, but this may not be enough if they have a family and the unthinkable happens.

Get full details and rates for Nazarene supplemental insurance with this free guide, and learn more about how to take advantage of a life event to better provide for your family by contacting us today at or 888-888-4656.